Privacy Policy

This policy outlines how and why we store and use your personal information. It may be updated periodically so we advise you to ensure you re read this from time to time.

Clearline is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and we guarantee that we will use and store your information lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information that you provide is stored and used for:

• The processing of your requests/orders.
• For marketing purposes. From time to time we will notify you of current promotions or the availability of new items.
• For improving our website and your shopping experience.

We guarantee that:

• We will not store your information for any longer than is needed.
• We will store your information securely


Cookies are information that is stored on your computer which can be used to identify you to our server. We use cookies throughout the purchasing process to store the contents of your shopping basket.

Website Security:

We pride ourselves on running a very secure site. We are covered by a Comodo Professional SSL certificate that protects at 128bit (or 256bit for some browsers). It is backed a full $10,000 guarantee for you, it ensures that the site you will be entering your card details into is secure, owned and operated by Clearline.

If you wish to verify the certificate:

Serial number: 00 90 fd 92 4f 24 81 c3 ea 60 3a c5 a9 61 48 72 b9
Thumbprint: f6 dd e2 00 d8 60 05 16 f5 43 e0 cf dc 1d 76 13 22 4a 7b 6a

Credit Card Security:

For your security, we do not hold your credit card details on our website or database after processing.

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